Event Promotion, Event Production and Consultation Services

Global Media Productions provides full event promotion and production services as well as consultation services to help you create your event or project. While Fred Spanjaard and Global Media Productions is located on Maui, we produce events, shows and tours on Maui, the Hawaiian Islands, and internationally. Consultation Services are also available globally.

Fred Spanjaard has 30+ years experience in the following services:

  • Tour management, production and promotion
  • Initial creative consulting
  • Budget development
  • Talent coordination
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Management of event, staff and volunteers
  • Direction of Event and Show
  • Coordination of all logistical elements (i.e. technical, venue coordination, registration, volunteers, etc.)
  • Oversee creation of multi-media presentations
  • Coach presenters
  • Liaison with city officials for permits and clearances
  • Public Relations spokesperson
  • Organize exhibits for expo events

Contact Fred for questions about promoting your event.

Some Comments often heard:

  • “Comes through in a clinch”
  • “Pulls off the impossible”
  • “Keeps his cool and functions well under pressure”

Take a look at what others have said about Fred Spanjaard and Global Media Productions:

“I really enjoyed being part of your support team. Seeing you [Fred Spanjaard] in action, multi-tasking, handling the unexpected with grace, your organic flow and ease was just a joy to behold.  Your warm presence, can-do attitude and gentle command of all aspects of the production made the event a wonderful one for all.”

~ Tony Allen

“Fred truly understands the needs of the clients he represents. In working with him I found that he never forgets that people come first, and he is truly as nice to the janitor as he is to the celebrity. A dedicated professional he also knows the value of fun when the work is done.”

~ April Andujar

“Fred is very well connected and opened numerous and important doors that helped me realize the vision for my project.”

~ Jane S.

“John Denver’s Symposium is, I believe, the 3rd or 4th event that I have served as one of your volunteer staff. I’d just like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I admire you and how privileged I feel to have had these chances to work with you.

I’ve done volunteer work all of my adult life, and it’s never been easier or more fun than when you are running the show. This weekend I’ve watched you put out fires and handle situations so calmly and smoothly, without ever losing your concentration or sense of humor. I overheard John Denver telling you that the Symposium had never been run so well, and I was really happy to hear you being acknowledged for a great job.

I’m looking forward to your next production, I hope I can be a part of it, and I just want to say thank you again for helping to make volunteer work feel so rewarding!”

~ Aleta Randall

“The only promoter that I would recommend to help you put together a tour would be Fred Spanjaard with GLOBAL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS.”

~ Krista Gonsales, Aloha Theatre – Kona, Hawaii

“Thank you for all the inspirational teachers and the incredible events that you bring to Maui time and time again.”

~ L.J.

”If we didn’t have Fred on Maui, many people wouldn’t have the fun they have.”

~ Madu

“Thank you for your work in getting information such as this type to the people here on Oahu! The only promoter that I would recommend to help you put together a tour would be Fred Spanjaard with GLOBAL MEDIA PRODUCTIONS. He is located in Maui and I have worked with him on many occasions and have nothing but positive things to say about him and his business practices. Thanks Fred. – you did a great job. – much appreciated. Thank you for keeping the community connected and informed by the work you do. Most excellent. Have a beautiful day.”

~ Shivani

“Fred not only noticed and attended to the entire space and all needs, but made it a special point to check in with us regularly to see if there was anything we needed or felt needed taking care of.  He is a professional beyond any doubt.  He’s got the feel.  He can deal with the janitor and he can deal with the mayor and the celebrities.  He is a people person. Fred simply loves producing events, and it shows.  It’s his calling.”

~ Grace Cropley

“There’s magic to what you do.”

~ Steve G.