Dedicated Direct Email Marketing Promotional Services

Global Media Productions offers dedicated direct marketing to over 8,000 valid opt-in email addresses. Our mailing list covers all of Hawaii, Southern California, San Francisco Bay Area, New York and globally. There are 3,000+ email addresses on Maui, over 6,000 covering all islands including Maui, Oahu, Big Island & Kauai, and approximately 1,000 in each of the continental US and global markets.

This is an excellent opportunity to reach people interested in events of all sorts, including: shows, concerts, conferences, seminars, in person and online classes, retreats, webinars. The demographic of our mailing list is people who are interested in Entertainment, Inspiration, Personal Growth and Development, The Healing Arts, Health and Wellness, Music and Spirituality.

For this service the fee is $95 for the first blast, $40 thereafter for the SAME ad. If you do 2 blasts (which is highly recommended) it’s best to send the last one just before the Event so it is fresh in people’s minds.

You can also add a Facebook promotion for $25 per post.

When you purchase the package you are interested in, you’ll supply all the needed details on the purchase form. Start by clicking on one of the packages below.

Most clients will upload a primary jpg or pdf image and then upload a word document with LIVE LINKS to their website and event registration, plus any additional information you’d like to add under the image including repeating some of the important info from the image that some folks may not see if they do not allow or click for Images.. Through the purchase form, you will also be able to upload multiple images if you have them. Alternatively you can email your information directly to  Feel free to call 808-875-8820 if you have any questions.

You can view sample emails below the purchase buttons. 

View sample emails by clicking on the images below: