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Numerous professional athletes, veterans, A-listers and VIP’s and many suffering from chronic afflictions

and pains have worked with Sifu Matthew and healed from:


All Types of Addictions, Obesity, Weight Related Issues, and Metabolic Disorders

Joint Pain . Digestive Disorders . Chronic Urinary Conditions . Spinal Damage

Bone Breaks & Weaknesses . Back Pain . Autoimmune Diseases

Neurological Disorders . Fertility Disorders


Sifu Matthew is a Kung Fu Master, world renowned healer, athletic performance expert and founder of The Martial Arts of Wellness (MAOW). He is a master of understanding the electromagnetic forces of the body in relation to strength, wellness, and performance. He is known for his ability to regenerate body tissues, ligaments, and bones rapidly to activate the healing process. He has worked with many thousands, including pro-athletes and Hollywood stars. Some of his groundbreaking work includes regenerating dogs’ hips, dissolving arthritis, and preventing numerous degenerative conditions from surgery.


Monday, March 19 – Intro: Forces That Heal for Real / Temple of Peace – 7pm [$20]

Tuesday, March 20 –  Activating Your Healing Force Field / Wailea Healing Center – 7pm [$20]

Wednesday, March 21 – Private Event [Inquire below for details]

Thursday, March 22 –  Martial Positions That Heal / Wailea Healing Center – 6-8pm [$65 advance / $75 door]

In all classes, Sifu Matthew will demonstrate and teach you how to access the positions and directions that shift the chemical structure of your body for rapid healing and power.

*Semi-Private Group Healings Available After Sessions – $65*


Wailea Healing Center – 120 Kaukahi St, Kihei, HI 96753

Temple of Peace Maui – 575 Haiku Rd, Haiku, HI 96708



Fred Spanjaard


Mobile: 808-283-5365

Scalar energy is the Life Force energy that originates from the Sun and the stars. Life Force energy is recognized by other names such as mana, chi, zero-point energy, etc. Tom Paladino has developed scalar energy instruments that broadcast scalar energy in order to improve human health.

Tom Paladino travels to Hawaii to introduce remote scalar energy healing. Tom has developed scalar energy instruments that can easily and painlessly break apart viruses, bacteria and fungi thereby offering the promise to cure pathogenic disease.

Tom will offer 15 days of free scalar energy treatments to anyone in Hawaii as he is determined to heal the people of the Hawaiian islands.

Everyone that attends Tom’s talk will be treated free of charge with scalar energy. Only a photograph of a person is needed in order to be treated remotely with the scalar energy instruments. Over 400,000 species of pathogens are disassembled by way of the scalar energy treatments thereby restoring health as people become germ-free.

The scalar energy treatments also include chakra therapy that will serve to re-program the brain waves and balance the seven (7) chakras. As a result, many people experience a feeling of calm and some report recovery from depression or anxiety. Others report that their sleep and dream state is enhanced by way of the chakra therapy.

Tom Paladino and his wife, Nita want to offer the scalar energy treatments free of charge to the people of the Hawaiian islands. Now, what is needed is the participation of the people of Hawaii in order to bring this ground-breaking healing modality to the attention of the world.